Class of 1967 - 50th Reunion

Class photo from the 50th Reunion at The Cove on June 2, 2017:

To download a larger version of the above photo for your personal use, follow these instructions for file #1 or #2 below, or both depending on your needs:

Click on the web link or copy and paste the link into your web browser and press enter. When the link opens, click on the "Download" button (sometimes in the upper right corner of the web browser). When the file is done downloading, you may want to move it from your "Downloads" folder to a more convenient location on your computer. Now you can view the photo and have it printed if you like.

There are two different versions of the photo file for two different purposes:

#1 This file is good for printing high quality 12x24" photos. This file is large and might take a while to download.

#2 This file is smaller and is good for sending by email, printing quality 6x12" photos, or simply viewing on your computer.